About us

Our company is founded in 2018

Diamond Invest Club – new investment company offering to tailou profit every day. Although the company is recently established, our team has experienced staff who know how to manage the funds and earn enough money for our investors and further development of the project.

With us, you will be able to profitably deploy their capital, receive a steady passive income to build a team of like-minded people – partners. All investors have equal rights, and only the profit is distributed according to the tariff plan and its terms. Choose a suitable and prisoedinyaytes to a group of successful businessmen.

Our advantages

Profitable investment
The area in which we work, allows you to egularly profit. Your money is working for you around the clock.
Stable profit
Your interest is calculated daily, AMI you can see, increasing your profit.
Guaranteed payments
You can get your earned money noveno: it is enough to apply in your account and the money is in your account.
Support 24/7
You will be able to solve any issues and find out required information by contacting the clock support.
Absolute protection
All transactions and personal information about the investor and its partners is protected from intervention of third parties.

About us

In our state the most advanced experts in their field: traders who have hrimne experience exchange; economists and logistics specialists responsible for the profitability of investing; IT-specialists whose work is to securely protect the data of our investors. We stremimsya to develop and improve your project, so we invite only professionals. In addition, we are ready to provide stable profit to each investor.

In addition, you are guaranteed to receive remuneration for the involved partner. The more you have referrals – people attracted by you – the larger your bonus. Tell your friends and earn the gratitude of the company.

Analysis of assets


All data is secure: your personal information, accounts, transactions – everything is then encrypted using robust algorithms. Our employees use special codes, thanks to which nobody else will be able to access your data. In addition, you can remain anonymous, pointing out only the data which it sees fit.